Books by Bill Jay

Views on Nudes. Focal Press Ltd., London, 1972. A history of the nudes as a subject for photographers, from 1840-1970. Second edition: 1980.

Customs and Faces: Sir Benjamin Stone 1818-1914. Academy, Editions, London; St. Martin’s Press, New York, 1972.

Victorian Cameraman: Francis Frith’s Views of Rural England 1850-1898. David and Charles, Devon, England, 1973.

Victorian Candid Camera: Paul Martin 1864-1944. David and Charles, Devon, England, 1973.

Essays and Photographs: Robert Demachy 1859-1936. Academy Editions, London: St. Martin’s Press, New York, 1974.

Models, Messages, Manipulations. Unique, handmade book of words and pictures. Acquired by Art Museum, University of New Mexico for permanent collection, 1976.

Negative/ Positive: A Philosophy of Photography. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, Second edition: 1982. Reprinted 1989 for Montana State University.

Light Verse on Victorian Photography. Limner Press, Arizona, 1981. Anthology of poetry from the 19th century press. Limited Edition: 500 copies, numbered and signed.

Rout 60 (with James Hajicek). Limited edition, hand-printed, leather bound livre-de-luxe, containing tipped-in original photographs. Friends of Photography at ASU, 1981, through private donation.

Photographers Photographed. A selection of my personal portraits in monograph form. Peregrine Smith, Utah, 1983.

Bernard Shaw On Photography (with Margaret Moore). The first comprehensive collections of critical essays and images by Shaw. Peregrine Smith, Utah, 1989.

Cyanide and Spirits: an Inside-Out View of Early Photography. Anthology of essays on 19th century issues. Nazraeli Press, Munich, Germany, 1991.

Occam’s Razor: an Outside-In View of Contemporary Photographer. Anthology of essays on 20th century issues. Nazraeli Press, Munich, Germany, 1992.

The Photographers: Volume 1. Portfolio of photographic portraits and written profiles. Images printed in collotype by James Hajicek. Limited edition, numbered and signed. Nazraeli Press, Munich, Germany, 1992.

U.S. Photo Guide (with Aimee Linhoff). Resource index to over 2,000 institutions, workshops, museums, galleries, periodicals, individuals etc. in academic/fine-art photography. Nazraeli Press, Munich, Germany, 1993.

Some Rollicking Bull: Light Verse, and worse, on Victorian photography. Anthology of ballads, sonnets, odes and songs as well as humorous, strange and odd items from the pages of 19 century photographic periodicals. Nazraeli Press, Munich, Germany, 1994.

On Being a Photographer: A Practical Guide [with David Hurn – Magnum Photos]. LensWork Publishing, 1997. And subsequent editions.

On Looking at Photographs: A Practical Guide [with David Hurn – Magnum Photos]. LensWork Publishing, 2000.

61 Pimlico: the Secret Journal of Henry Hayler. Nazraeli Press, Munich, Germany, 1998. Movie option rights acquired by Coppos Films, Los Angeles.

Sun in the Blood of the Cat. An anthology of essays. Nazraeli Press, 2001.

Bill Brandt -One Picture Book No. 9. Limited edition, Nazraeli Press, 2002.

Men Like Me. Nazraeli Press, 2005.

In addition….

Introductions and essays in a wide range of anthologies and monographs, including books by/about Bill Brandt, Jerry Uelsmann, Robert Heinecken, David Hurn, Sue Packer, Bruce Barnbaum, Jack Stuler, A.D. Coleman, and others.