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A Case of Spirits

Birt Acres (Unpublished,1973)

Choosing and Losing (April 1982 for Camera Arts; also published in Ffotoview, Wales, Summer 1983.)

Confessions of a Gallery Hater

Contemplating Venus

Do Not Disturb (This was written early in 2007 when the news media was endlessly debating the “surge” in troop levels in Iraq.)

Emil Otto Hoppe 1875-1973 (Published in Studies in Visual Communication, Special Issue, University of Pennsylvania, II (2), 1985.)

Ferenc Berko and Fame (Published in Sun in the Blood of the Cat, Nazraeli Press, 2001)

History of Photography- inside out (2007)

Incest in Academia (Written for Camera Arts, November 1980, and illustrated with photographs by Myron Wood.)

J.M. Cameron- an appraisal (1978)

Jack Mitchell (Written c.1985 as an introduction to a portfolio of Jack Mitchell’s photographs but I have no idea if it was ever published.)

Photo as Metaphor (Published in Newsletter, Daytona Beach Community College, Spring/Summer 1987)

The Photographer

Photographic Pleasures (Published in The British Journal of Photography, 10 January 1986.)    

Uncaring Camera- Morality (1990)

Victorian Traveler (1981)